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Making a Memorable Last Impression Activity

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A final challenge is to conclude their internship on a positive note. Review today’s agenda with them. Think back to the word professional and the idea of demonstrating professional behavior. Now, how do you make a professional last impression?

Suggest ideas for what you can do to end on a positive note-- so that your supervisor and co-­workers remember you as a memorable intern. How can they use this last week to show that you are professional, responsible, and reliable?

Follow your teachers directions for writing down responses to these questions and participating in a discussion.

Teacher Notes

Congratulate students on arriving at the last week(s) on their internship.

If they have done reflections during the internship, give them a couple of minutes to review what they wrote as the reflect on the word “professional”. Introduce and define the posted word of the week for this final seminar, reliable. Explain the virtues of being a reliable worker, emphasizing how it will help the interns to leave a good last impression.

Write their ideas on the board or a flip chart. If they need assistance, some ideas suggested by previous interns are: show appreciation, finish projects well, be on time every day the last week, and don’t get “internists” like “senioritis”!


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