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Practice Your Workplace Diversity Skills

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No matter what your personal leanings or public stance is, you will be expected to work well with people from different cultures and backgrounds. In the Practice Your Workplace Diversity Skills handout, are four scenarios. 

In each of the scenarios, discuss what you think the source of the cultural misunderstanding might be and then write down how you would handle the situation with your co-workers.

Teacher Notes

Divide class into pairs or triads. Give students 15-20 minutes to analyze the four scenarios in the Practice Your Workplace Diversity Skills handout. If time is short, you may give one scenario per group/pair. Ask them to discuss the scenario(s) and come up with a collective answer. Share responses together as a class.

As each scenario is discussed, have students locate the subject’s home country (Guatemala, India, Nigeria, or Taiwan) on a globe or the world map in their handouts. This should help reinforce the students’ appreciation of the distance, region and variety of national origins of their potential co-­workers in a diverse workforce.

After all the scenarios are discussed, pose this question: Now that you‘ve discussed respecting diversity in the workplace, how do you think respecting diversity will be important in college?

Assessment Notes

Complete Practice Your Workplace Diversity Skills worksheet

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