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The San Diego ePortal provides an easy way for employer and community partners to work directly with schools and educators. Opportunities include:

  • becoming a guest speaker
  • hosting a company tour
  • providing a job shadowing experience
  • hosting a student intern at your work site
  • helping teachers design relevant projects
  • assessing student work

Students throughout the San Diego region benefit from this direct exposure to the world of work by seeing the direct connection to what they are doing in school. To get involved, contact Alex Becker at

Work-based Learning System Flow Chart

The San Diego County College and Career Readiness Consortium has developed a system to support the connection between business/industry and schools. The chart below illustrates the relationships and how the e-Portal is the conduit to ensure that connections are made and a single point of contact is identified to avoid overwhelming our industry partners.

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Questions? Download these resources to learn more about our program

Work-based Learning Experience Definitions

This resource provides descriptions and definitions for a range of work-based learning experiences

Continuum of Work-based Learning Experiences

Work-based learning opportunities are provided to students along a continuum, starting with career awareness and expanding through career preparation. Click below for details of the continuum.